How to: select a plan

To select a plan it needs to be first cloned to your profile.

This process ensures all workouts in the plan are unique so that the same plan can be run again in the future.

First go to the menu and select “Clone Plan”. Then on the page chose the plan you want and a start date.

After clicking save it will be applied to your profile. To switch plans click on “Choose Plan” from the menu. Here you can switch which plan is displayed on your dashboard.

The video below shows the above steps.

Tracking weight and other metrics

Dingbat can track a long list of parameters. From One Rep Max, to skinfold, weight, height and torso/limb measurements.

To create a goal go to the “Create Goal” page.

Then enter your parameters:

You can now view the goal from the “View Goals” page.

The horizontal line indicates the goal value entered.